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A pictorial trip to Livingstone and Chobe National Parks.

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The Maniago team with Jim Nyamu, the Elephant Hero.“IVORY BELONGS TO ELEPHANTS “ WALK

Jim Nyamu, The Elephant Hero walked from Mombasa to Nairobi, over 500 Kilometres, in 14 days. His aim was to raise awareness along the way for the plight of the elephant and to stop the poaching. He was highly successful in his endevours and we salute him as a hero. The Maniago team of 26 people went to meet Jim on the last day to accompany him on the last 16 Kilometres into Nairobi.

It was an honour to be with this humble but immensely strong man on his triumphant entrance into the city.

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By Lynne Leakey

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By Peter Karanja

I was very privileged to have been invitied to attend the important Gorilla Naming Ceremony, the Kwita Izina, in Rwanda.There is great happiness and jubilation because 19 babies were born this year and each had to be named in a cultural ritual. Follow my day in my picture story...

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By Annabella Francescon, Peter Karanja, Jose Manuel Lapena, George Karau and Oloishuru Ole Nairuko

We were extremely privileged to be invited to attend the Masai Eunoto near in Syapei in Narok near the Masai Mara in April. This is generally a very private tribal Masai ceremony. In brief the Eunoto is the graduation ceremony when the young warriors graduate and become men. They are now ready to take on more responsibilities in the day to day life at the manyata, and they are ready to find a wife and get married.

Our photos tell much of the event.

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I first heard of Timbuctu when I was 8 years old and it so fascinated me that I dreamt of going there most of my life. Well, a "few" years later I managed to get there. What an adventure. How this came about is another story. I had the privilege of travelling with Alan Donovan, he of African Heritage and one of the world's most renowned African art collectors and experts. We arrived in Bamako and headed north by road. It was a fascinating and interesting journey. Believe me it is a very big country. I enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of a lot of open spaces and a small population.

Timbuctu was more than I had expected. I had been told that there is nothing there. Well, there is a lot. It has a pulse that beats beyond what the eye sees. ...

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A photographic story by George Karau – Guide – Maniago Safaris Ltd.

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By Annabella Francescon

Once again I have had the honour and privilege to attend a very important traditional ceremony here in Kenya. I was invited by the Loita Clan Chief Letiyia ole Maine to participate in a very unique event, one that only takes place every 30 years or so. This was the Emanyata Oolorikan ceremony of the Maasai people of the Loita clan in the Masai Mara. This ceremony is the bringing together of the juniors (the left side) and seniors (the right side) in the present generation.

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By Annabella Francescon
It is not often you get to spend a few days with the Maasai and see how they go about their daily lives. It was a very special experience being able to share their time with them. The people were extremely gracious and immensely patient as I wandered around the village continuously pointing my camera. With the cosy scenes, the bright colours and the beautiful people, I felt compelled to lift my camera many times. Choosing the photographs to share with you has been equally difficult. I hope you enjoy a short trip into the daily lives of these very special people.

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By Annabella Francescon
We may travel around Africa on many a wildlife safari, but we will always come back to Kenya for the utmost wildlife experience. I tell my story through my photos as no words could ever describe the beauty of these animals nor could they ever describe the feeling of peace and happiness that reaches deep within you as you watch from one side. You are humbled by their beauty and you are thankful that these creatures still have their freedom and space even today as they roam the wilds of Kenya.

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