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In order to obtain a license, one copy of the script, together with a story synopsis should be sent to the Film-Licensing Officer. The Film Production Department (FPD) licenses all local and foreign crews undertaking filming in the country. Film licenses for documentaries and commercials are issued within minutes of application.

Applications for Dramas and Feature films are processed in less than 48 hrs of application.

Download the Film Licence Application Form (PDF, 159KB, new window)



Filming on private property requires one to obtain permission from the owners of the property. Filming on any Civic or Municipal property requires permission from the local authorities and permission should be applied for in time before filming commences.

For National Parks and Game Reserves, permission from Kenya Wildlife Services and the County Councils should be sought. They should also make sure that the flora and fauna are not disturbed or damaged. Environment Impact Assessments may be carried out if filming may seem to have a negative impact on the environment.

Permission is also required when filming certain roads, streets or side walks so that notices and other arrangements can be made to avoid inconveniencing the public. Noise levels should be kept within reasonable limits to avoid disturbing residents. Even with permission, adequate notification must be given to those who will be affected by the filming.

Maniago staff assigned to the production will coordinate on your behalf above requirements as regards relevant permissions, adequate notification and liaison with the relevant stakeholders cum affected parties (eg local communities).



Duty is payable on consumables such as make-up, hair dressing chemicals and the like, but raw film and sound stock are allowed in duty free.

The following are import guidelines on filming equipment:

a) Filming equipment may be allowed into the country on temporary basis without cash deposit or security bond. Such import is no subject to Import Declaration Form (IDF) or Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) requirements. However, the importer must make an application to the Commissioner of Income Tax for permission to enter the equipment on temporary importation

b) Under take to export the equipment within such period not exceeding twelve months from the date of importation. However this period may be extended on application to the Minister For Finance through the Commissioner of Income Tax.

c) Pay a non- refundable fee of 1% of the value of the goods or Kshs. 30 000 whichever is lower.

Maniago Safaris will be happy to assist you with the above.



There are no restrictions in Kenya on how many expatriate crew members or artists can arrive per production. Crew members and artists may arrive in Kenya on a visitor's pass prior to the film working permit being processed. This costs approximately Kshs. 2000 each.

Maniago Safaris will secure the relevant work permits for your crew ahead of production date provided passport data is received in advance.



A list of accredited local agents who will facilitate location scouting, transport, hotel reservation, film licenses, shipping etc. can be obtained from the Film-Licensing Officer, on request. A film agent is a trained person with proven knowledge in film profession. To get in touch with the Film Licensing Officer email: fpd@skyweb.coke. A list can also be downloaded at

Please note Maniago Safaris is one of the accredited local film agents. Please get in touch with us for all your filming requirements.



a) Documentaries, dramas, short features, (ads) and stills - Kshs. 5000
b) Full length feature film - Kshs. 15,000

Maniago Safaris will pay the license fee on your behalf to be invoiced to you.

Download the Film Licence Application Form (PDF, 159KB, new window)



Per day Kshs. 1000.00

Maniago Safaris will pay the filming fee on your behalf to be invoiced to you.



A wide range of cameras, sound, lighting, generators and grip equipment is readily available in Nairobi. However, there are no restrictions if the production team wishes to import items, equipment or consumable from overseas.

Download more information from



FPD has an Avid Digital Express for editing purposes.

Download lists from



There are many highly trained professionals including producers, directors, of photography, cameramen, sound recorders, drivers and other administrative officers. They are available for professional services. Local crews rates are probably the most reasonable in Africa and are lower by far than the producers would normally budget for in the West.

Please contact Maniago Safaris with your requirements.



Maniago Safaris can organize for transport and any other types of vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, trains and any other mode of transportation to be used in a production.



Lights, generators and grip are readily available for features and television production. Any other facilities such as makeup and wardrobes can be arranged on request.



Contact Maniago Safaris for updated details on equipment, crews and other front-end rates.

Download rate cards from



This is a department in the ministry of Information and Communication. It was established in 1982 with the responsibility of coordinating and developing film services and undertaking film projects.

Among the services under the department include:

  • Licensing of local and international film makers
  • Providing liaison services
  • Production of documentaries, feature films etc
  • Provision of Dissemination services

Camera equipment available

  • 35mm film cameras
  • 16mm film cameras
  • Betacam SP cameras
  • DV Cam camera

Sound equipment

  • Nagra 4.21
  • Dynamic audio microphones, long and short gun microphones (415 and 815 series), cordless microphones, clip microphones.
  • Shock mountain windshields (415 and 815 series)
  • Public Address System
  • Sound mixer (field or portable)
  • Professional audio amplifier
  • Megaphone
  • Canon audio microphone cables
  • Nagra 4.21power packs
  • Commentary recording facilities
  • Microphone table stands
  • Fish rods (microphones)
  • 114 tapes transfer to 16mm magnetic film facilities
  • 16mm magnetic sound edge tracking
  • Sound library for special effects.

FPD has its headquarters at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) at South B in Nairobi. It also has branches in Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu and field officers in provincial and district offices.

The FPD now has in stock over 600 documentaries, plus a wealth of archival film material produced by the news film services as well as weekly Kenya Newsreels which constitute short 10 minute news documentary films covering a variety of national, historical and development subject matters.

The archival/library materials are available in these formats:

  • 35mm film
  • 16mm film
  • Beta Cam
  • DV cam
  • VHS
  • DVD
  • CD

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