…the endless …timeless …infinite …ultimate filming location.

Survivor AfricaKenya, the film maker’s paradise, offers the creative film maker the natural and ideal location for any production - be it feature films, reality TV shows or documentaries.

From the sandy camel deserts of Nothern Kenya, the snow-capped Mount Kenya, the tropical rain forests of central, western and northern Kenya, the savanna country of Maasai land with their picturesque back-drops, the rocky and stunning massifs of the Pokot and Turkana country, the cattle country and the lakes in the Rift Valley to the sandy beaches and mangrove forests along the Kenyan coast - Kenya has all the locations a film maker yearns for within its boundaries.

Die Weisse MaassaiSince 2001 Kenya has played host to 3 productions of Survivor Reality TV series such as the Survivor Africa (2001), Survivor Lebanon (2004) and Survivor Spain (2005). In the category of feature films, in the last 4 years, Kenya has played host to such award-winning big budget productions as Nowhere In Africa, The Constant Gardner and The White Maasai, among others.

The emergence of Kenya as the hub for most filming activities within the continent of Africa has seen an equivalent increase in the capacity of local crews to handle lots of work yet deliver quality work.

Take a walk with us in the following pages and find out what has made Kenya the premier filming location in the world. You couldn't ask for more!

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The film industry in Kenya - an introduction
Kenya's scenic filming locations
Kenya's major filming regions
Kenya - The land of reality TV shows
Kenya at the Oscars
Requirements for Filming in Kenya
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